Aqua beauty micellar lotion

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Brand Dermacol

Dermacol Cleansing Micellar Lotion for Youthful Skin

This delicate micellar lotion provides intense moisturizing for your skin! It gently cleanses and removes make-up in one step (from your face, eyes, lips and neck).  Its alcohol-free softening formula does not irritate or dry out your skin. It contains molecules (micelles) that completely capture and remove all impurities and make-up just like a magnet, without scrubbing your skin. The cucumber extract prevents your skin from drying out while regenerating and refreshing it. The seaweed extract protects your skin, makes it softer and restores essential minerals.

    - Gently cleanses in one step 
    - It contains a cucumber extract (refreshes, revitalizes, regenerates) 
    - It contains a seaweed extract (creates a protective film and restores minerals) 
    - Alcohol-free 
    - No irritation or drying out 
    - Suitable for daily cleansing 
    - No need to rinse off

Volume: 400ml