Men agent total freedom Luxury gift package


Brand Dermacol
SKU: 7107

Men agent total freedom

Men agent shower gel total freedom

The liberating scent will transfer you into the wild nature full of adventure. This shower gel perfectly cleanses your body, face and hair. It is suitable for shaving care. It gently hydrates your skin and its pleasant scent energises you. It contains conditioning additives, which manage rebellious, unruly hair.

Men agent beard oil treatment

The oil will give your beard healthy, well-cared look and will make it soft to touch. Thanks to the unique mixture of oils, your beard will be soft and pleasantly scented. It minimizes itching when new hair grow. You can use the oil for a 3-day beard as well as for a long beard. You can also use it for a bald head.



    1x Men agent shower gel total freedom

    1x Men agent beard oil treatment


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