Alpa Massage Cream - Cannabis Balm

By Alpa

Alpa Konoplny Masazni Balzam

It is a highly effective massaging product for external use at chronic diseases of joints (arthrosis, arthritis), muscles, tendons and connective tissues (rheumatisms). It can calm backaches (during a "lumbago") and pains of swelling legs and hands. The balm is an invaluable assistant during sports and other physical activities; it relieves spasms, contused and pulled muscles. Immediately after application it generates a pleasant feeling of relaxation with a slightly cooling feeling obtained through the presence of menthol essential oils.

Benefits: It contains a cold-pressed cannabis oil maintaining a maximum volume of active substances with anti-inflammatory and regeneration effects during long-lasting dermal troubles. It has positive effects against symptoms of psoriasis and atopic eczema.

Use: Use during massage.

Volume: 250ml