Alpa Cannabis Balm Warming

By Alpa

Alpa Massage Cream Warming - Konoplny Balzam Masazni Hrejivy

The balm is easy to embrocate into the skin, it is not sticky and it features a nice fragrance of herbal essential oils.

Benefits: It is suitable for massaging and warming various parts of your body before increased physical load, as well as for relaxation and faster regeneration of strained and tired muscles. A significant warming effect is achieved through the synergy of the warming active ingredient, camphor, extract made of ginger and rosemary and cinnamon essential oil. The cannabis oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and mineral substances, has anti-inflammatory effects and provides regenerative nutrition for the skin.

Use: Apply sufficient quantity of the product onto the skin of the corresponding part of the body. By means of concentrated movements of your fingers and palms embrocate the product consistently into the skin. A warming effect can be expected within several minutes from the application. Repeat the application for a more intensive effect on your skin.

Volume: 250ml