Dermacol Anti-aging Sheet Mask


Tropical Hawaiian Anti-aging Sheet Mask

Rejuvenating textile face mask. Give your skin perfect tropical relaxation and transfer to exotic and sunny Hawaii. This latest line of fabric face masks is a real revolution for your skin and at the same time very environmentally friendly! It contains 97% natural ingredients and is a real innovation for your skin. The filament of the cloth mask is made of lyocell, which is a natural substance obtained from beech or oak cellulose in an environmentally friendly way. The active ingredients thus penetrate better into the deeper layers of the skin. Pineapple and banana flower extract will prevent skin aging. This way, your skin will be really beautiful and smooth. Indulge in relaxation and strength right from the volcanic islands of Hawaii.

Benefits: 97% natural ingredients, The mask thread is produced in an environmentally friendly way, Canvas mask.

Use: Unfold the mask and place it on cleansed and removed skin. Leave on for 15 minutes.

Volume: 1pc

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