Dermacol Hand Sanitizer Gel

• You have a biocidal product that is suitable for personal hygiene
• Gel cleans hands and eliminates up to 99.9% * of bacteria and viruses without the use of soap
• Appropriate to supplement hand care with Dermacol moisturizing creams

    Volume: 50 ml, 125 ml

    * Effects: bactericidal according to EN 13727 + A2 and EN 1500 (45 s), virucidal according to EN 14476 + A2 against enveloped viruses (30 s) including coronaviruses.

    Instructions for use: Apply the gel (4 ml) in the palm of one hand, spread thoroughly on both hands dry (palms, backs, individual fingers, middle finger), do not rinse.

    Composition: Active biocidal substance (g / 100g): ethanol (EC: 200-578-6): 75 g.

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