Dermacol Iconic Lips

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2-in-1 Precise Contouring Lipstick and Lipliner

Iconic lips - pencil and lipstick 2 in 1. Beautiful and full lips in just two steps will be created by a practical double-sided jumbo pencil Iconic lips 2 in 1, available in six beautiful shades. On one side, the contouring pencil draws the lips to the shape you want, and on the other side, the lipstick fills them with a rich color. This unifies the color of the lips and visually increases their volume. The composition with shea butter, natural waxes and oils supplemented with panthenol and vitamin E will provide delicate skin with the necessary nutrition and hydration. The bonus is the practical packaging of lipstick, which saves space in the handbag. This amazing lipstick in pencil accurately draws your lips and defines their shape so that they will look full and you will feel like enlarging your lips.

Benefits: 2-in-1 Lipstick & Lipliner in perfectly matching shades, It contains vitamin E, panthenol and shea butter to keep your lips moisturized, It contains natural waxes and oils for easy application.

Use: First, thoroughly line your lips with a lipliner to stop your lipstick from smudging throughout the day.
Then apply your lipstick all over your lips. Start with one even layer and then press your lips against a tissue to remove any excess lipstick; then continue with another layer.

Volume: 10g