Dermacol Lip Up Plumping Gloss



Plumping Lip Gloss

Lip Up - lip gloss to increase lip volume. Pump up your lips! Gloss to increase the volume of the lips, with a single stroke it will highlight your lips, smooth them out and immediately give them a visually larger volume. Thanks to the active substance Maxi Lip, the lips are turned off and small wrinkles are smoothed out. Gloss to increase the volume of the lips, the lips additionally hydrates and stimulates the collagen content. Does not stick and creates an ultra glossy look. It perfectly defines the contours of the lips, gives them volume and a visually fuller appearance. Thanks to the convenient applicator, it is easy and convenient to apply.

Benefits: Volumizing effect, Lift smoothening thanks to the Maxi Lip ™ active ingredient, An ultra glossy look without any sticky sensation, Contains vitamin E – antiaging effect.

Use: Apply evenly onto your lips and repeat during the day. Clinical tests have shown that lips get bigger, moisturized and softer when used regularly three times a day for at least one month.

Volume: 3ml

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