Devilash mascara - black - Mascara That Provides a Devilish Volume

Unparalleled volume. The mascara immediately nearly doubles the volume of your eyelashes and beautifully contours and combs them. Its soft creamy wax- and polymer-based texture perfectly wraps your eyelashes one after another and provides volume and thickness to each eyelash. It leaves you eyelashes flexible and soft, does not stick or cake off. The volume brush applies the optimal amount of pigment onto your eyelashes and precisely separates them one from another. Intense black pigments add a distinctive color to your eyelashes. 

  • Immediately provides almost double volume to your eyelashes 
  • Intense black color 
  • Paraben-free
  • A volume brush for the optimal application of pigments down to your roots

Volume: 12 ml

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