Dermacol Duo Blusher

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Two-Shade Blusher

The two-color powder blush with vitamin E will give your face a natural color and a healthy touch. The clever combination of matte and bright shades wonderfully shapes the face to perfection. You will especially appreciate it if you have oily and shiny skin, because it has a mattifying effect and at the same time does not clog pores. Your faces will be absolutely perfect. It is very easy to apply and blends perfectly with your skin.

Benefits: Two-shade powder blusher in a combination of a matte appearance and brightening shades.

Use: Choose a blusher color that complements your eye and lip make-up. Use a large brush to apply blusher on the upper part of your cheek bones. Use light brush strokes over your face to fine-tune your look. Using a blusher should always be the last step of your make-up routine.

Volume: 8,5g

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