Dermacol Magnetique Lipstick



Moisturizing Magnetique Lipstick

Magnetique lipstick - moisturizing lipstick. Do you long for maximum lip comfort? Our classic moisturizing lipstick with high pigmentation, which will attract the view around your lips like a magnet. Lipsticks contain vitamin E and caring oils that keep lips beautifully hydrated. 17 shades from the popular nude to the distinctive red. Classic moisturizing lipstick and practical clickable cover with an attractive design. In addition, the caring composition and the gentle moisturizing and caring texture of the lipstick ensure a feeling of comfort all day long.

Benefits: A moisturizing, creamy texture with a high pigment content, A wide range of 12 bright shades, With vitamin E and caring oils.

Use: Apply one layer evenly onto your lips. Then press a tissue between your lips and apply another layer of lipstick. For a more precise lipstick application and precise lip contouring, you can also use a special brush for lipstick application.

Volume: 4,4g

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