Le Chaton Day Rejuvenating Cream With Rose Oil



A light, easy-to-spread emulsion with a rich content of fresh strawberry cells. Contains intensive moisturizing and vitamin components, protects the skin from harmful solar and light radiation. It has detoxifying and astringent (pore-tightening) effects. The cream is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and problematic. The cream contains fresh plant cells. These are produced according to the patented technology of gentle enzymatic extraction of biologically active substances from plants in the form of fresh cells while preserving their natural properties. The natural complex of effective moisturizing components provides the skin with the necessary moisture and protects it from water loss - it relieves dehydrated skin, intensively regenerates it and brings refreshment and well-being. It actively protects the skin from external influences, thanks to the packaging without access to air, it can be stored at room temperature.

Benefits: Cells obtained from strawberry - they carry a high content of magnesium and calcium and have an intensive moisturizing effect, Whey and goat milk fat - a natural antioxidant and revitalizing system with rejuvenating effects, strengthens the healthy balance of the skin microbiome, Evening primrose oil - a source of essential fatty acids that improve the quality of the skin, Rose seed oil - contains fatty acids important for the softness, softness and elasticity of the skin, Hydrolyzed milk protein - supports the hydration of the skin, prevents it from drying out, regenerates and softens the skin and further prevents the appearance of wrinkles, Olive leaf extract - hydrates the skin and has anti-aging effect

Use: Spread a small amount of cream with gentle movements and taps on individual parts of the face and around the eyes. The cream is quickly absorbed into the skin

Volume: 50ml