Make-up leveling base and other make-up that prolongs the makeup effect and prevent blurring of makeup, eye shadow, powder and lipstick.

- for all ages and skin types
- fills skin irregularities and has a velvety feeling
- Fixes the skin using decorative cosmetics
- apply in small amounts after applying the cream
- dermatologically tested
- without preservatives

Using :
In the morning, first clean the skin with tonic according to skin type, then apply a suitable day cream. Then apply a small amount of Foundation Base to the skin under the make-up and you can start the make-up. The base can be applied to the entire face, ie under make-up, shadows and lipstick, or separately to individual parts. The makeup effect will be long lasting. Minor inequalities such as scars, wrinkles or pores are evened out. The skin gets a velvety feeling.

You don't have to worry about clogging your pores. The base remains only on the skin surface and does not penetrate inside. It is a system of elastomers - highly modern types of silicones that are as gentle on the skin as possible. In the evening two-phase make-up removal, make-up remnants of the base are removed together with the makeup.