Sparkling foaming ball 95 g - strawberry


Sparkling foaming ball 95 g - strawberry

Sparkling bomb 95 g - strawberry

Effervescent foaming bath additive. A unique bath additive that dissolves efficiently while releasing very soft foaming and washing agents, oil-based care products and a pleasant fragrance that does not contain allergens of interest. It is a full-value bath ingredient that not only efficiently effervesces and smells, but also contains ingredients that clean and gently cleanse the skin and help protect it from excessive drying. The bathtub will be clean after use without greasy and hardly soluble deposits.

Use: Depending on the foam intensity, add up to 100 g per 30 liters of bath to warm water. Impregnation or mechanical movement produces a rich foam. Take a shower with clean water after the bath.

Weight: 95 g

Diameter: 6 cm