You can use the best creams on the market, but if the skin is not cleansed properly, the cream will have no effect. If you do not cleanse the skin in the right way and order, you will bring the impurities deeper into the skin. They will do no good there and you can soon have problems with clog pores and dull skin. 

What should such cleansing look like?

Cleansing in the morning with toner/essence, eye cream, serum, final cream. Why only toner or essence? Because our skin didn't get too grimy overnight, so toner is enough.


In the evening: cleanser, toner/essence, serum, eye cream, final cream.

What can you do extra?

1-2 times a mask 

Once a week a peeling

If you really want to take a good care of your skin, NO WATER. Tap water tends to disrupt the skin's protective film and significantly affects its condition. Instead of water, use toner. Water only in combination with cleansing foam, washing gel, etc.

May 30, 2022

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