Dermacol, a Czech brand known for its high-quality cosmetics, has just released a new product - the Collagen Super Volume and Curl Mascara. This mascara promises to give you fuller and longer lashes with just one coat. Its key ingredient is fish collagen, which is known for its nourishing and strengthening properties. 
The mascara has a unique formula that not only adds volume and length to your lashes but also hydrates and stimulates them. Its specially designed brush lifts and curls every lash, even the smallest ones, giving your eyes a dramatic look. After just one coat, your lashes will appear visibly longer and thicker. The mascara's effective formula also improves the quality and length of your lashes, making them healthy and glossy. 
To achieve the best results, apply the mascara gently from the roots to the tips of your lashes. For more definition and volume, add additional coats.
With the Collagen Super Volume and Curl Mascara from Dermacol, you can achieve fuller, longer, and healthier lashes with just one product. Try it out and see the amazing results for yourself!
April 14, 2023

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