Almost every one occasionally lies down in bed without treating their skin. It is understandable that sometimes there is no taste or time for make-up removal. However, it is not good. If we do this often, the skin will dry out and start to flake.

You often tell us that after a few weeks of using Dermacol Makeup Cover, your skin started scaling in the T-zone. In 99% are responsible these reasons we have collected from you.

  • No make-up removal - every make-up needs to be removed. Your skin needs to breathe, so it is important to realize that make-up removal is essential for regeneration of the skin 


  • Applying make-up on make-up - if you use make-up in the morning and have the urge to add layers during the day, please, don't do it! You can retouch the make-up once a day at maximum, after that it is necessary to remove the old make-up and apply a new one. If you have quality product, it will last all day!
  • No use of primer - a primer should be part of the cosmetic equipment especially if you have problematic skin or wrinkles


  • Not using moisturizing or any creams - in creams there are vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin. Just choose the right one for you and the resulting radiance effect will not wait long

      Day cream 

  • Not washing your face at least once a week - as you take a shower or bath, you should you wash your face. Even after cleaning your face, it is important to rinse your skin with water

  • Incorrect use of miceral water - miceral water is something like soap. Many people make the mistake of cleaning their skin with miceral water and going to sleep straightaway. But how can the skin look like when you soap it and go to bed?

  • Drying your skin with acne - if you have acne it is not good to dry it with various preparations. If you overdry your skin this way, you will not get rid of acne or on the contrary your skin will get worse

  • Using poor-quality cosmetics - if you use poor-quality cosmetics, it will certainly turn its back on your skin. This may not be apparent immediately, but with long-term use of these products, your skin can tend to be dry and flaky with more wrinkles Many of you have written to us that if you have high quality make-up, it doesn't matter that the powder is of poor quality, but it's not entirely true! It is the same principle as if you bought a Porsche and put the engine from a cheap car inside.

When your skin is already dry, we have a tip to repair it as quickly as possible…


After using this mask, you can enjoy at least 48 hours without the flaky skin. Of course you must follow the principles above so that the flakes do not return. This mask, however, is a real miracle with a fast effect.

The skin is the part of the body that is most exposed to outer conditions, so it is important to carefully and conscientiously take care of it.

November 11, 2019