A beautiful autumn day to everyone,

I love autumn and its colours. All the trees and forests shine with yellow and red. People start wearing coats, scarves and hats.

The greatest comfort begins with a cup of tea, chocolate or hot coffee. And as we go from a hot room outside to cold, we should take care of our lips. They are very susceptible to crack and only good lip balm can protect them.

I've tried many brands, such as Labello, Eos, and others. Hovewer, my favourite became quite common, high-quality and frafrant lip balm Regina.

Regina… the first lip balm was produced in Nove Mesto nad Metuji in 1962. Since then the small tube of lip balm passed through the hands of millions of people.

For me, it is the best product you can buy.



In autumn days, I use this product. If anyone wonders why I use children lip balm, it is for its baby smell. 

Every woman can be a princess at any age and for those who want to be ladies, there are also these scents: LIPSALVE - TROPICAL MIX



If you are going to the mountains and you really want something of high quality. For me it is value for money.

Regina company has a lot of lip balms. That is why it is my favourite. Everyone will find their best lip balm there.

November 17, 2016
Tags: Lips