As I said in the previous article, this article is about shower foams and new body scrubs.

I love hot tub and even more I love to relax. So when I got a new catalog with the AROMA RITUAL FOAM BATH GRAPE AND LIME, I just said wow! and entered the bathroom. I know every detail of Aroma ritual shower gels, which have beautiful, intense and long lasting scent, so I expected something similar from the foam.

And my expectations were right. The scent was amazing, balanced with charming scent of grapes and lime. Skin is moisturized thanks to the effect of grape seed oil foam. Dermacol has now two more scents Watermelon and Coffee. Because I love watermelon and don’t drink coffee, I bought AROMA RITUAL BATH FOAM WATER MELON. This foam itself does not have oil, but melon extract, so I was very curious to see if my skin won't get dry. Conversely, I got out of the bath relaxed, smooth and addicted to the smell of melon. I really think that there is nothing better than melon scent (perhaps if they came with chocolate).

Another new product is a body scrub that is available in six scents.

After the previous experience with foam, I immediately got the AROMA RITUAL BODY SCRUB FRESH WATERMELON and honestly I wanted to eat it, as it smelled and looked so good. Original photo is at the bottom. I'm sure these peelings will become a fixture in my bathroom, I just hope Dermacol no longer invents new scents, because in that case I wouldn't fit with the cosmetics into the bathroom :) During the month I will write an article about peelings and why it's important to use them.

PS: Lately, I have and I will have more time for you and the blog. I got married, therefore I don't have to deal with things around this great day. The annual preparation was really challenging for me. Of course, I didn't forget about my blog on the wedding day and I'll have an article about my wedding make-up (all make-up from Dermacol)
December 14, 2017