ALPA's flagship product is the iconic Francovka. ALPA supplies over 5 million pieces of this tincture to the market annually. Francovka under the ALPA brand was first introduced in 1913. In the same year, the ALPA trademark was also registered.

The company produces Francovka according to the original recipe to this day. Francovka is characterized by both high quality and packaging. Francovka ALPA is intended mainly for external use, for rubbing into the skin, for massages, as an additive to both general and foot baths, as a compress, as a gargle, and a mild disinfectant.

The portfolio under the ALPA brand includes 140 various products in the field of massage products, children's, body and skin cosmetics. The most well-known products in the portfolio of ALPA, a.s. include products LESANA, AMICA, AVIRIL, BATOLE, PEDIK, LUNA, WINDSOR, REPELENT and now also RELAXEL.

September 02, 2022