We are pleased to shout in the whole world, that the company Dermacol decided to upgrade their clientele and finally came up with men's cosmetics. In my opinion, this is the perfect business move from Dermacol - especially now before Christmas. We had the opportunity to feel and smell all the products, and I think that a lot of them can become the best selling gifts under the Christmas tree.

So what Dermacol prepared for men? Skin care products and shower gels.

There is not a large number of products - three or four products taken from each category. It's for someone maybe a small choice, but if the products are of great quality, which with Dermacol they always are, even the smaller choice does not matter. From the category of skin care I was astonished by aftershave MEN AGENT AFTER SHAVE LOTION POKER FACE, but I assume that every woman (and man) prefers a different scent.

Of course I tried it on my man! He has the face that does not tolerate everything. We were looking for a long time for aftershave, after which he would not have red spots (so far used the Nivea Sensitive Balm + water). World wonder after the MEN AGENT AFTER SHAVE LOTION POKER FACE without redness. Congratulations to myself that we could try it and thank you Dermacol for the perfect effect on sensitive skin. Women with bearded men at home will appreciate MEN AGENT BEARD OIL TREATMENT. I did not use it on my man, but I appreciate the pleasant scent of this oil.

New Dermacol shower gels for MEN

The surprise is the 5in1 shower gel. I repeated over and over again the 5in1, for the first time. I know 2in1 maybe 3in1, but 5in1? Yeah, that's right, Dermacol came on the market with a shower gel, which is for the body, hair, face, moisturizes and also can be used instead of the foam shaving cream (gel).  It even has a substance that prevents crimped hair. I'm asking why such a thing does not exist for women? Anyway, once again I was fascinated by one fragrance and that is MEN AGENT SHOWER GEL SEXY SIXPACK, of course, there are other scents and classic 3 in 1 gels.

PS: That's all for now, I'll write about bath foam during the week, that are too new for me + body scrubs, but first I have to test those myself:)

PPS: Christmas is coming, so I'm sure you can expect from us discounts on Christmas gifts, the sale will start on 24.11.2017.
November 11, 2017