Lipstick as a blush

You probably already know this trick. If not, you can try using a red or orange shade of lipstick as a cream blush. However, do not forget to use matte or creamy lipstick, as they are easy to spread and will not affect the skin. 

Lipstick as shadows

Another common creative use of lipstick is to apply it to the eyelids as shadows, which will brighten your eyes without much effort. For a modern look, you can also reach for a glossy lipstick - what about the Crystal Crush long-lasting diamond lip gloss? However, we do not recommend it for extremely greasy eyelids.

Lipstick under the eyes

Did you know that you can use lipstick as a concealer? Another great way to try lipstick differently is to use red or orange lipstick to correct dark circles and pigment spots. 

September 23, 2022

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