Most of the population have brown eyes, but are they therefore ordinary? No way! Unlike other eye colours, if you have brown eyes, then the widest colour variety of shadows will suit you.

Makeup for brown eyes allows… actually all shades. You just have to know how to combine it with other products for the best result. For casual makeup look, work or the first "careful date", choose from light beige, apricot, and old rose tones. Brown eyes will be beautifully underlined while looking decent. The Eyeshadow palette matt and pearl no. 1 from Dermacol is an ideal choice.

Shadows for brown eyes for both pale and tanned skin

Tone-in-tone makeup is great for daily look, as brown eyes do not exclude the use of nude and brown shades. How about Quatro eyeshadow no. 2? The shadow variety has only a small glitch. Omit dark brown, nougat, and also dark grey, especially if you have light skin. Such colours give the impression of tiredness.

However, the combination of brown eyes, brown hair and golden skin will perfectly complete the dramatic look by using dark brown shades.

Playful and bold eye lines for brown eyes

When it comes to eye lines: they don't have to be dark. Try provocative gold! The golden shades are like a sun kiss for the brown eyes. Add an eye liner in the same colour, for example Liquid eyeliner metallic chic, and your eyes will be perfectly brightened like shining stars. If you want to provoke, go into orange, yellow and even turquoise or bright blue shades. Especially in the summer it is a great colour play, because bright colours on a bronze skin look really nice. If you aren’t tan, help yourself with a bronzing powder! With that, you can use bright shades even in winter.

What’s left? Of course, mascara! And which one, you ask? Brown, blue, violet or classic black. Especially thickening, so that the makeup for brown eyes gets a final depth, which can conjure up, for example, Magnum maximum volume mascara.

May 01, 2019