Brushes are essential tools on the way to a perfect makeup. But do you know how to use them and which part of the face is a specific type of brush dedicated to?

1, Powder brush - a very important brush

Powder brush is a “must have” among your cosmetic tools. Even if you don’t like brushes, buy at least one of this type. Various powders sometimes include a puff, which is in my opinion absolutely useless. Puffs apply more powder than necessary and often create maps on the face. An ideal powder brush has a long handle to work well with it and excels with long, round cut fibers.

Choose a bulky brush with good density and soft fibers to avoid scratching when applying products on your face. Take a smaller amount of a powder and do not push hard on the brush - you do not want to create an unnatural mask on your face, but just fix and matte the overall makeup.

2, Brushes for makeup and BB cream 
You can choose from several types of brushes for liquid makeups and creams. A so-called foundation brush, or a makeup brush is a traditional one. It is flat and has longer, firm and dense fibers. However, working with it requires some skill and experience. Put your makeup on the back of your hand and use this brush to spread it on your face just as you would when applying with fingers.

Another brush, which is easier to use and to create a natural look, is the stipple brush. It is characterized by straight fibers cut in two lengths, each one of different color. Make points on your face to apply the makeup and then blend it into the skin making circles. Remember, that the higher density of fibers means a lower consumption of makeup and better results at the same time.

3, Brush for a blush - a very important brush
This brush category is called “blush brush” and includes various shapes and structures of fibers. The reason is that different blushers have a different consistency and pigmentation. Their application therefore requires a different kind of brush.
There is a common rule that on powder and highly pigmented blushers you should use a softer, round cut brush. On a baked blush use a bevel brush with firmer fibers, which make the application of blush more effective.

4, Fan Brush for a highlighter
The use of a highlighter isn’t one of the basic steps of the makeup, but you should know that using it can make your skin naturally shine and give your face more natural contours. Nevertheless I consider these brushes unnecessary, as you can usually use your own fingers or a makeup brush.

5, Kabuki Brush
Kabuki brushes deserve its own category because they are simply amazing and can be used practically for everything. These include bulky, thick, long-fiber brushes with very short handles that are great for applying all types of powders or bronzers.

The so-called flat kabuki (long handle brushes with very dense, rather short and straight cut fibers) can be used to apply makeup, blush or highlighter. It is also great for compact powders.
The high-quality kabuki brushes are velvet smooth and so dense, that the fibers do not "lay down” while in use. You can even make the brush stand on the bristles.

December 06, 2018