Have you been thinking of doing something with your figure? Does cellulite bother you? DERMACOL ENJA will take you to the stage!

DERMACOL ENJA is a product line designed for women. Helps to shape female curves and slim down problematic parts, strengthen the skin, prevent stretch marks and get rid of cellulite. Whether you are happy with your figure or you are working on it, DERMACOL ENJA is here to help you. You can use or combine more than one product, which increases the efficiency. You have countless choices to get the best care. DERMACOL ENJA product line will take your body to the stage!

Say goodbye to cellulite and slim down problematic parts!


ENJA NIGHT is designed to effectively prevent fat deposition and accelerate the drainage of water and toxic substances from the body at night when a maximum effect can be achieved. If applied regularly, your skin becomes firmer and an orange peel effect is noticeably reduced.

Use: Apply using circular motions onto the problematic parts of your body every evening.


Before application, it is always good to warm the skin in a shower or a bath. It helps the cream to get deeper into open pores. Do not forget about drinking regime that helps cleanse the body and drain harmful substances out of the body. Ideally, we should drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Before you go to bed, calculate how much you have drunk during the day. Drinks do not include coffee, tea and alcohol.

Exfoliating gel for buttocks and hips with an effective lipo-reductive system Lipomoist®, caffeine and seaweed. Active ingredients help to slim down and remodel your buttocks and hips.

Clinical studies of the National Institute for Public Health in Prague confirm slimming of the buttocks and hips up to one size in a month.


The application is more efficient if it is joined with a massage. Perfect for the massage are special “hedgehog” balls! If you are really looking for a perfect butt, we recommend making some squats before applying! Be careful not to have knees in front of your toes! 20 squats every day plus ENJA LIFT-GEL for BUTTOCKS & HIPS equals beautiful buttocks and hips.

Slimming belly gel with caffeine, aescin and special polysaccharides that stimulate the breakdown of fats in the skin and prevents them from being deposited. The result is flat belly with stronger and more elastic skin.
Clinical studies of the National Institute for Public Health in Prague confirm the slimming of the abdominal area up to one size in a month.

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ABDOMEN RESHAPING gel should be also massaged into the skin with circular motions of your fingers. If you cut down on bakery, you can also help your belly not to feel inflated.

Let's not forget that shaping your figure is not just about creams, but also about healthy lifestyle. Less calorie meals, plenty of movement and the right drinking regime will provide you a complete transformation. Dermacol can only encourage and speed you up to achieve it.

December 12, 2018