Color Correcting for Flawless Face!

How to use color correcting concealer? How and where to apply it to cover up blemishes?

Most of us use normal concealer. It is an ideal tool to mask imperfections on your face but sometimes it’s not enough.  There is acne, redness, dark under-eye circles and so much more. All of this can be cancelled out by using color corrector.

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Many women have already included the concealer in their makeup routine. However, most of us have only one corrector in a lighter shade than our skin for brightening up circles under eyes and dark spots, or a second corrector to cover the imperfections. More and more sellers started to offer color correctors, each color has a specific effect on the skin. They are available in green, white, orange and yellow color. All those color correctors can be used either after makeup application and before using standard corrector or powder, or after primer and before makeup.

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GREEN CORRECTOR – neutralizes redness and spider veins along your nose and cheeks.

YELLOW CORRECTOR – cover bruises, veins and other purple and blue imperfections.

NUDE CORRECTOR – evens your skin tone and effectively covers pigment spots and small scars.

HIGHLIGHTER – brightens, adds shine to your skin and provides a fresh look. 

Frequent mistake!

If you use a color corrector (for skin imperfections or dark circles), remember to fix it right after the application! (Invisible fixing powder is the best)

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First, apply a primer, then put on your makeup and then apply the corrector. And don’t forget to fix it with a powder. Ideally use a transparent powder. You can easily apply classic or blushing powder on the transparent one.

If you are covering the imperfections before applying makeup, we also recommend applying a transparent powder after the application of the color corrector. This also makes the makeup last much longer.

If you don’t do that, believe that the corrector will be the first to be wiped out of your face.  So do not forget to fix it! 


December 20, 2018