Summer vacation is over, but there are still some summer days left. So let’s put on makeup while our skin is tan.

Bronze makeup means 100% summer. Brown colours look great on every occasion.

If your face doesn't look like after eight hours of sleep, give it enough hydration. If you have a precious moment and time for yourself, try the HYDRATING AND NOURISHING MASK or HYALURON THERAPY 3D EYE MASK hyaluron pads under the eyes to get rid of swollen eyes in the morning. Many unscrupulous women and men have been struggling with under eye circles for a long time, but HT pillows can really save the day. It is much easier and quicker than frozen spoons or tea bags – honestly, who's got time for this in the morning? After this rescue mission comes the AQUA BEAUTY cream. It has a super gel consistency that really suits me in summer. It is quickly absorbed, refreshes the skin and does not grease. Foundation 24H* CONTROL is a clear choice for mixed skin in every season. In summer, just use a small amount to unite the skin. Conceal any imperfections with CORRECTOR PALETTE and fix everything with FIXING POWDER in natural shade, after which the skin has a beautiful natural bronze shade, matte and pleasantly velvety.

Finally, for many customers it is indispensable - for me a unique multifunctional bronze palette! I personally love it! Contours, blush, eyeshadows - I use it for all three steps. With a dark shadow I use it for the fold of the eye for a dramatic and sexy look, and the blush in a golden shade slightly shades the rest of the eye. I apply a thin line from the outer edge of my eye towards the center of my eyelashes to the lashes. On my lashes I use my favorite mascara VAMPIRE, which has an absolutely perfect plastic brush that magically creates infinitely long eyelashes. VAMPIRE mascara is a constant among mascaras to which customers often return.

The bronze palette looks beautiful on eyes. Apply it further on the cheeks and create light contours for a sun-tanned look. 

How else to finish the whole look than with the amazing 16H LIP COLOR lipstick. I use shade 12, which is beautifully natural and incredibly suits every face! 

September 18, 2019