Original vs Fake

We receive questions about original vs fake all the time. Therefore, we bring you 6 policies for buying an original product:

  1. Always buy products from verified sellers listed on the Dermacol website under the “where to buy” tab.                                                     https://www.dermacolmake-upcover.com/where-to-buy

If the e-shop is not listed, it means that it’s not a registered reseller and therefore you’ll most likely buy a fake product.

  1. Do not buy Dermacol from Chinese retailers.

Dermacol is a Czech brand that is sold all over the world, but it chooses its resellers carefully and there are dozens of them - not hundreds nor thousands.

  1. Do not buy on websites like wish, ebay, aliexpress and similar websites.

99% of them are always counterfeit, fake products have been recorded on amazon website as well.

  1. Watch out for prices.

A very low price such as 1 USD or 1 EUR is a really small amount. You won’t buy the original Dermacol Make-Up Cover under $12 or €10 without shipping.

  1. Read reviews of stores where you buy.

If the e-shop doesn't have reviews, don't buy there.

  1. The last advice at the end. You often tell us you ordered makeup via whatsapp. DERMACOL HAS NO SALES THROUGH WHATSAPP and neither of the registered resellers uses contact through this application for sale.                                        
August 24, 2019