Warm sunny days charge us with a positive energy. We are thinking of relaxation and summer vacation. Whether you are planning to relax at home or in an exotic location, don’t forget to look stunning.


The skin is under a constant tension caused by unfavorable natural conditions, stress, cold, wind, smog, temperature changes, UV radiation, or cigarette smoke. It is very important to remove any dirt that settles on the skin during the day and also dirt secreted by the skin during sleep. Micellar lotion neutralizes harmful substances in the skin from the outside and helps to restore breathing abilities of the skin. Use a detoxifying cream to protect your skin from external conditions. We recommend Detox & Defense products.

Our tip:

  • You can apply beautifying fluids to the moisturizing cream, under or without makeup, depending on mood and need. It can be used on the entire face or locally (around eyes, under eyes, eyebrows, nose, nose, cheekbones, chin, etc.), on the cleavage and other parts of the body that you want to decorate and brighten up. You can apply bronzing fluid under cheekbones and on forehead to contour.
  • Light pink brightener can be applied to the entire face on makeup, ideally with a larger round brush. White brightener is designed to brighten individual parts. Apply it with a small round brush (or even fingers) on the eyelids, inside the eye corners, under the eyebrows, on the top of the cheekbones, the back of the nose and above the upper lip.
  • You can apply the gold bronzing brightener with a larger round brush to your entire face. The darker brown shade of the brightener is designed to contour the face. Apply it with a small round brush on the forehead to the hairline, temples, under the cheekbones, jaw and flanks of the nose. It can also be used instead of eye shadows.


The basis of eye makeup is a golden shade. If you apply the shadow to the whole eye lid, it will brighten up your gaze. Go for a brightening palette. Apply a white brightener to the center of the eyelid and under the eyebrow. From the bronzing palette, use the lower darker part on the outside corner. Highlight your eyes with a mascara that perfectly combs and naturally thickens the eyelashes. Do not forget about your eyebrows and adjust it with a special pencil.


Apply long-lasting lipstick to your entire lips.


  • Daily makeup should be very natural and fresh. Simple makeup can be adjusted with fresh pink or orange lipstick. Beautifully brightens tanned skin while protecting and moisturizing the lips. Bet on hair accessories - flowers, headbands or an interesting hat. They give you a feeling of uniqueness. And do not forget a fresh nail polish in a nice summer shade!


DERMACOL products for fresh makeup look:

August 02, 2019