Dermacol Foundation Original vs. Fake

Original vs. Fake

Very often you ask us how you can know the original Dermacol product from the fake. Usually you mean the Dermacol Make-up Cover. We must say that some imitations are very successful and unrecognizable at first glance. The difference is then clear after opening the makeup and its application. We have, however, a few tips that can help you identify the fake.

The most common counterfeit in the world is the one of Make-up Cover

Why it is important to watch out for original products? It is simple. These imitations are not dermatologically tested, can contain harmful substances and may cause drying of the skin, redness of the skin, rash and other annoyances. These side effects can show up on someone right away and on someone else after longer use. If reaction to the makeup is very complex, it can be difficult to put the skin back to normal.

Another less dangerous, but more disappointing are the covering pigments, which usually do not work so good as in the original.

In the picture you can visually assess the difference between genuine and fake tube.

Dermacol original vs fake

The differences in the box

The company Dermacol currently produces two versions of Dermacol boxes, black with gold lettering and white and pink, which is a limited edition for the 50th anniversary of this company, on the boxes is always shown MADE IN CZECH REPUBLIC or MADE IN EU. There must be a manufacturer of Dermacol, a.s. Výtvarná 4, Prague 6 Czech republic. 

In the box is always the makeup and a package leaflet. If the package leaflet is printed on normal paper, you should be more careful. Leaflets are printed on higher quality paper similar to those enclosed with medicines.

Dermacol pink black packaging

The biggest difference is in the tube and the consistency of the makeup itself

The original make-up tubes are firm and won't wrinkle on its own. The appearance of the tube is glossy and shimmering. Here is again the information about the manufacturer, the shade of the makeup and expiration date. The original weight of the unopened makeup (the tube) is 36 grams.

The fake is easily bendable and in soft tube. The color does not match the clear shimmering gold, but it is rather dull.  There are typographical errors.

After you open the makeup, the color does not match the shade. Makeup does not cover, and is very liquid.

If you find Dermacol foundation for a dollar or 5 dollars, it is a 100% fake

A good sign for the resolution of the original vs fake is of course the price. The price of the original make-ups is between 16-35 dollars for a piece. On the lowest rate around $16 a piece can get only resellers directly from the Czech Republic. Therefore, if you discover a Chinese vendor selling these make-ups for $16, it is always better to be cautious. If you find this makeup for a dollar or 5 dollars, it is a 100% forgery, because the cost of product is never such low.


Our Recommendations

If you are buying cosmetics, buy it from authorised dealers, if it is a brand products Dermacol, it is always better for you to buy these products from Czech distributors, which really can get at lower prices than other foreign resellers.  

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September 03, 2017 by Petra Lukasikova


Teresa suematsu

Teresa suematsu said:

Where can i buy the original?there is no shipping in japan.

Petra Lukasikova

Petra Lukasikova said:

Hi, this eshop sends orders to japan, just choose your country during the checkout. :-)

Venus McCoy

Venus McCoy said:

I agreed about your information about the difference between the fake one vs. original one because I experience having the fake one until I bought the original thru your website.. Is better of to buy straight to the original dealer /website..
I love the product. Let’s use the original one girls.. Beware for the fake one?

Jean Moffat

Jean Moffat said:

Please help I use Dermacol foundation the first one was the genuine one but colour was too light another one I bought was fake and not good. Please can you tell me where to get the genuine one on line. Thank you


Rags said:

I bought dermacol from it fake?


Rebecca said:

There is One just one real place to buy dermacol in the USA. That is it. If you order ANYPLACE else ur 89% getting a fake. is the ONLY authorized dealer in the USA. I received four fake dermacol from Amazon. Not a third party seller. Actual Amazon fulfillment services. They are now looking into it. The problem is the fake people are making real boxes. You have no idea it’s fake till you open the box . I contacted dermacol personally. They told me only is 100% genuine. And buy directly from them. So I ordered some. I was so happy to get the real deal when it came.


Ajreen said:

how much is dermacol foundation


Hana said:

Soy hana quieres comprar maquillaje


joan said:

does the real dermocal have alumina in it?


Wilda said:

What website that I can buy for the original. I bought one when it came it is made from China. And the the tube was easily wringkled.


rachel said:

is it fake or authentic in the shopee store online?
curiousity kills me…😅


rachel said:

here in the philippines..

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