Beautiful Christmas time to you all, who love Dermacol

Recently, we’ve received many questions regarding which shade of make-up to choose. People frequently buy shade MAC NC30. The only thing in this case is comparing palette.

Every woman knows that make-up colours change as the seasons and we also have to consider our skin type. If you are sun tanned, it is always better to buy a shade of bronze colour. When you have snow-white skin, it is advantageous to buy the lightest shade.

Each type of make-ups has a different shade palette.

Sometimes it has eight, sometimes twelve, sometimes only four shades. Therefore, if you are used to shades under the brand MAC NC, download a picture attachment and always compare it with a specific offer of another type of make-up. If, of course, you do not know which shade to choose, write to us. We are happy to advise you.

You can already look forward to the upcoming article on how to select the perfect shade of Dermacol Make-up Cover.

For everyone who needs to compare NC shades with Dermacol shades, I prepared a simple table.

NC15 – 207
NC20 – 208
NC25 – 209, 210
NC30 – 210, 211
NC35 – 211, 213
NC37 – 212, 215
NC40 – 215, 218
NC41 – 218
NC42 – 221, 222
NC44 – 223
NC50 – 224

July 01, 2020 — Petra Lukasikova
Tags: Tutorials