Finally, here comes another article about Dermacol Cover Foundation, which many of you insisted on.

First I want to share my own experience with Make-up Cover foundation. Foundation contains a lot of pigments, which is one of the reasons why it so great covers. And it covers really well. It hides all pigmented spots, reddened spots, scars and can well handle acne. The make-up is actually waterproof, with SPF 30.

For those of you who would like to use it as a make-up for your complexion, think well about what shade is right for you, and what is most important, how to precisely incorporate it into your skin. If you give up on it, the Make-up Cover will create an ugly mask. To make a better consistence, I mix it with Satin Make-up Base or coconut oil (even daily make-up or day cream can be used).

Foundation Cover Makeup Dermacol

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I’ve done some research on my own and tried quite a few shades of Make-up Cover.

What I like about this make-up is that it offers a great variety of shades. The most used shades in Europe are No. 212,213 and 215. To be honest, in my opinion, this make-up is not suitable for really dark skin (if you have a dark skin and you have tried Dermacol Make-up Cover, please, give us your feedback). Otherwise, I am sure you will find the best matching shade for your skin. If you have really pale skin, I recommend No. 210 or 211. For slightly darker, but still pale is great No. 212. Many people use No. 213. For darker or tanned skin is great No. 215, 218 or 221.

My advice – even if the shade is a bit darker than your skin, it actually doesn’t mind and in the end it still looks great.

As I said, when applied to the complexion, take a good care. I use brush for applying, but when needed, fingers come to help. Be careful to apply just the right amount; when applying more than necessary, there is a tendency to settle in pores and wrinkles. This make-up is for me very successful and it met my expectations. With a perfectly unified complexion, it will immediately raise your confidence.

June 20, 2020