"A lot of you order the perfect body makeup and I honestly didn't know, why is this product to many of you so interesting. After the experience with it, I totally understand."

Perfect body make-up is water-resistant body beauty makeup. It immediately gives your body and feet the effect of Tan and perfectly covers imperfections of the skin and unifies its tone. It also optically slims the body and feet and leaves it silky smooth. Light texture with panthenol and vitamin E moisturizes the skin, regenerates, nourishes and protects it from free radicals. Reinforcing complex of plant extracts Firmiderm ® and Brown seaweed extract Kalpariane ® improves the firmness of the skin by up to 28% and elasticity by up to 26% * * prevent sagging skin and promote microcirculation. A complex of plant extracts Polyplant anticelulide improves the appearance of skin with cellulite, smooths it, reduces oedema and enlarged veins. * Test in-vivo (using twice a day for 6 weeks) * Test in-vivo (use twice a day for 4 weeks)

Review: Dermacol Perfect Body makeup surprised me with nice natural color, which gives soft and unified look. The covering properties of this makeup are great. Imperfections or small veins are not visible on the first sight. I was worried about making my clothes dirty, but my fears were unnecessary. It does not leave traces on clothes. The only drawback is that if you put a larger layer (which is unnecessary since it covers nicely), you will get the effect of artificial legs. I was satisfied with this product and there were no problems with it.

May 26, 2018