Sometimes it is really hard to choose the right mascara, especially when there are so many on the market. Therefore, we compared all the mascaras from the Dermacol and selected the top 5


Top 1 in every way

Devilash mascara

Instantly gives almost twice the amount of eyelashes, wonderfully renders and combs the eyelashes. Smooth creamy wax-based texture perfectly wraps every eyelash, one by one. It will give each one thickness and fullness. Volume brush applies the optimal amount of color on the lashes up to their roots and precisely separates one from another. Intense black pigments give lashes a distinct color.

Review: I was astounded by this mascara. When I focus on the function of mascara, it includes brushing, render, increases volume, gives density and fullness. The pigment of this mascara is very intense. Solid brush applied the optimal amount of color to my lashes and made a really perfect work. It wonderfully separated one lash from another, highlighted, lengthened, curled, and just made the perfect eye. For more drama, I recommend to use a black line, such as the micro black.  


Top 1 extending mascara

UltraTech mascara, Dermacol

Simply dazzle with UltraTech mascara, which will give your lashes a beautiful shape and ultra extension. Ultra supple brush captures one lash after another and perfectly separates them. Short bristles on the brush allow precise coating to make fuller and voluminous look. The texture is developed exactly for this applicator and thanks to that it gives the correct shape, eyelash extension without lumps and blur. 

Review: It is easy to handle with this mascara. The filling is neither liquid or dense. Long lasting and does not tend to change consistency. Lashes are beautifully stretched, curled. Remain soft and not sticked. So far, it lasted long and did not blur around the eye.

This girl used Ultratech Mascara Dermacol


Top 1 in the mascaras for density and volume

Mega lashes express volume mascara

Perfectly adhesive creamy texture, based on waxes and polymers, wraps lashes, beautifully renders and combs them. Gives every lash thickness and fullness. This mascara is a great solution for short lashes. It is also suitable for contact lenses users.

Review: This mascara concentrates and highlights lashes even in the first layer. The color black is really black. If you want a real volume, I recommend to brush your lashes twice, just be careful so the  lashes do not stick together, which can occur for a volume mascaras. The brush is more than good to handle.


Top 1 in colored mascaras

Try colored mascaras Colour Mascara

Match the color of your outfit so perfectly, and at the same time highlight the natural color of your eyes. Significantly extends lashes and gives them a beautiful intense color and volume. A specially developed brush perfectly wraps every lash and creates a smooth surface without lumps.

Review: This mascara makes a nice volume. It is available in four colors: electric blue, navy blue, petroleum and violet. I have personally tried the electric blue, which after two layers was significant enough for me. In terms of price to performance, I still didn't find any better.


Top 1 in water-resistant mascaras

Mega lashes waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara gives lashes a magnificent volume and density with just a few moves. Long-lasting texture adheres perfectly and does not create lumps. It is highly resistant to water, humidity and tears. Rich black pigments give lashes a distinctive color for hypnotizing look and specially shaped dense brush precisely wraps every lash right from the root, and perfectly combs them. 

Review: A good brush doesn't make lumps. It also does not stick lashes together. I appreciate nice packaging and good price. It also prolongs and beautifully highlights your lashes. What more could I want from this mascara. From waterproof mascaras is among the best

June 02, 2018