Some of us do not put a great importance on them, however, a perfectly shaped and contoured eyebrows can do miracles with your face and make you look a lot younger.

What do you need?

Tweezers - to shape and trim your eyebrows. Choose a quality equipment, so it won’t hurt that much.

Eyebrow pencil – use sharp pencil. Its color should respond to your natural eyebrows color.

Eyebrow shadows - usually more matted than those for eyelids. I recommend to use a shade of brown responding to the color of your brows.

Eyebrow brush - it is used to brush and smooth the brows. If you don’t have one, you can also use an old mascara brush.

Angled flat brush - designed for even application of eyebrow shadows.



  1. Forget about lines!

Shaved eyebrows and hard line is not trendy anymore. On older women this can even look quite horrifying. Instead go for natural look.

  1. Find the right shape.

How? Primarily, let’s figure out where your brows should start and end. It should begin above the inside corner of your eye and end above the outer corner of the eye. And how to appropriately reduce the brow hair? The ideal shape for most people is arch. Do not radically change the shape. Only trim the brows, so it wouldn't seem disheveled and too dense. Brow hair are usually trimmed in the lower line from the center to the outer eye corner.

TIP FOR YOU: If you’re not sure how to shape your brows, use a white eyeliner pencil and draw the desired shape. Hair behind the line then must be trimmed.

  1. If you feel uncertain pay a visit to a beautician.

Are you still not sure about the right shape? Visit your local beautician. She will help you find the perfect shape and show you how to do it at home. You will then only keep the shape.

  1. When there’s a lack of hair

Do you have bald spots? Softly draw short lines with a eyebrow matching pencil. Before you start, brush your brows with a comb for natural and compact appearance.

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  1. How to highlight eyebrows?

Either use eyebrow pencil or powder shadow that is applied with angled flat brush. In case of the shadow the result will be more natural and perfect. What shade to choose? Of course the one which will match your brow and suit your eye color. When highlighting eyebrows, start from the nose edge to the outer eye corner. Try powder shade with foam applicator instead of pencil. It looks more natural and it is waterproof, so you will be perfect even on a beach. Very important is to choose the proper shade, that should be a little bit darker than the current color of your hair.

“If you love natural make-up try making it special with thick eyebrows.” It looks decent but at the same time very stylish and helps to define face contours.

November 15, 2018