Every year, you are writing about Christmas gift tips. We know, how much you would appreciate it, and so here is a list of the 5 most popular products in gift packages for you and your beloved ones.

1. Dermacol Make-up Cover + Satin make-up base + Invisible fixing powder package

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Dermacol make-up cover is the most popular product. People buy it all over the world and it became popular by many actors, actresses, singers, make-up artists, and many others. If this make-up is combined with other products such as Satin make-up base and Invisible fixing powder, it will create the most amazing make-up look whatsoever. So, if you want to make someone happy, there is nothing easier than giving this magic trio, which comes in a beautiful Christmas package for an incredible price. 

2. Botocell skin care gift package

Buy on amazon - Dermacol Fabled Look 

Among other highly desirable products belong the Botocell series.  Why is that so? This intensive lifting care has a similar effect as the BOTULOTOXIN application. The result is an immediately smooth and wrinkle-free skin, and long-lasting renewed fullness and skin surface.

3. Aroma ritual gift package with a shower gel mix gift package

Aroma ritual shower gel packages are popular gifts for both men and women of all age categories. In addition, if you are not sure which scent you should choose there is nothing easier than giving one from each scent.

4. Men agent gentleman touch gift package

Until this year, it was not possible to order any gift packages especially for men. Only few months ago, Dermacol has launched men's cosmetics Men Agent, which gained great popularity among men. The Men Agent gift package is a perfect gift 😉

5. Gift Card

Make yourself happy with our gift card! We offer gift cards that you can use in our e-shop.  If you are not sure about the shade of a make-up or a lipstick, or the scent of a fragrance, there is nothing easier than giving a gift card.  We can send you a gift voucher both by post and electronically.

November 10, 2018