Does the activated charcoal make miracles or is it just an advertising trick?

Some time ago, black masks flooded stores all over the world. And peel-off masks has become very popular products. They cleanse your skin and remove black spots and grease. Unfortunately, our experience leads us to think, that it can be quite dangerous to use any black face mask. A cheap mask rather dries up your skin and pulling these masks off is one of the most painful procedures.

Frankly, Dermacol has launched a new product line “Black Magic”. One of the products is a Black magic detox and pore purifying peel-off maskBlack magic mattifying face moisturizer  and Black magic make-up base. Yes, black base… at first it seemed totally crazy, so it means the only thing – I just have to test it!

There was a fear in the air of the black peel-off mask. I was afraid not to end up like others in the “failed” videos, which capture its removing. Later I calmed down, because if it is used correctly, it is supposed to be awesome. And with just a little bit of patience, I did it without tears! It was easy to peel off and the skin was unharmed. I really recommend that you should definitely use a thin layer of the mask ... and save it for later is not the reason why. A thick layer causes, that the mask doesn’t dry and therefore there won’t be any peeling-off. Let’s go back. What about the result? Significantly less black spots, healthy looking T-zone and removed dead skin cells.

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And the make-up base? In fact, it is rather light gray and merges with skin, so you won’t recognize that the base has in fact a very different initial color than your skin tone. The consistency is for me even more pleasant than classic Satin Base - it is not that “jelly” and my skin really looks mattified and smooth.

Buy on amazon - Dermacol Fabled Look 

Overall, if I should ever buy a black peel-off mask, I would choose the one from Dermacol. And I definitely change satin make-up base for Black magic make-up base. ♥♥♥

October 30, 2018