Why is it better to buy the original product?

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Original - Dermacol is a certified producer of cosmetics. Dermacol complies with strict quality requirements stemming from the latest cosmetology research

Fake - Fake products are not certified. They are made of non-tested substances and the quality is very low. Many fake products don’t even cover properly.

Original - We test the effectiveness of our cosmetics on humans so that we can be certain that our wrinkle creams really work and that our firming creams really firm your skin. Clinical tests of Dermacol products are strictly supervised by the National Institute of Public Health in Prague, in accordance with European Union legislative standards.)

Fake - The imitations are not tested at all. If a customer gets swollen or has an allergic reaction, it is impossible to find out information about the ingredients or the way of manufacturing. The producers change very often so it is not possible to find them in case of medical issues. Some producers test on animals. In case of wrong combination of ingredients, the animals might suffer or even die.

Original - Dermacol products are made in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice and ISO 9001:2000 which determines the rules for cosmetic production.)

Fake - The production consists of the try and fail method. The aim is to produce a very similar looking product.

Original - Our products are approved as hypoallergenic thus minimising the risk of allergic reactions and side effects.

Fake - The products are not tested and many people have an allergic reaction. These people often share their stories on social media or youtube.

Original - Dermacol products contain innovative active substances and extracts of a natural origin. We follow the trend of natural beauty sources, therefore our products contain active ingredients extracted from kelps, seaweed, ivy, cornflower, mangold, chestnut, paracress and many other.

Fake - Products are made of toxic ingredients. They are not of a natural origin.

Original - In compliance with the EU legislation, final Dermacol products are not tested on animals. Testing of cosmetic products on animals is banned in the EU since 2004.

Fake - As mentioned above, if the product is tested (which is usually not), it is tested on animals to whom they make harm.

Original - Easily covers tattoo or blemishes.

Fake - Can’t cover blemishes or tattoos whatsoever.

Original - You only need a small amount so it lasts longer.

Fake - Runs out quickly.

Dermacol is a brand well-known all around the world. Many merchants try to imitate this brand. Nevertheless, we should realize that we only have one complexion and only the original product provides the best quality. It is easy to buy the cheap copy, but this fake product can cause some very unpleasant skin problems.

There is only one original - Dermacol brand

October 22, 2018