No wonder that every bride is in the spotlight on a wedding. The whole day is just about her and the groom. Many of you wanted to know our tips for wedding make-up. So what do we recommend? Our number one product must be the Dermacol cover foundation.

But wedding make-up isn’t just about the right foundation. A good eyeshadow, lipstick or blusher play an important role as well. Since we had our wedding a few months ago, I can share my own experience.
I’m not a type of woman who can use any kind of foundation. My skin tends to have acne and is quite dry. For those reasons I like using Dermacol Caviar foundation, but for my wedding I wanted something really long lasting with perfect coverage.
So now you can read about my wedding make-up step by step.

I had a make-up artist to do my make-up. She started with primer and used Dermacol Satin Base. This product helps the foundation to last longer and it also hydrates the skin.

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Next she used Matt Control Corector to cover up my underyeye circles and any blemishes I had. The shade she used was n.2.

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Then it was time for the amazing Dermacol cover. My shade is n.207. Our tip here would be: if you use high coverage foundation, apply it with a brush. If you use a beauty blender or your fingers, you might find difficult to blend it perfectly.

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We then set everything with Invisible Fixing Powder light and put colour on my cheeks with duoblusher n.3. You wíl find out more about blushers in our next posts.

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As we have already mentioned, wedding make-up is not just about foundation. So we went on.
In the picture bellow you can see the process of making the perfect eyebrows. We used soft eyebrow pencil brown. A post about the right eyebrows shape is also coming, so keep watching.

What followed was applying eyeshadow. We had an autumn wedding, so autumn colours in combination with my brown eyes meant that brown and its shades would be the best choice. Dermacol have many beautiful colour paletts (as quattro eyes shadows), but I wanted something special. I chose Dermacol Color Sensation Bonbon n.VII. According to me every woman should own a good eyeshadow palette to play with when she feels like it.

Nevertheless, the icing on the cake was the Dermacol Mega Lashes Mascara which opened up my eyes and Matt black matte eye pencil.

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We finished this make-up look with a lipstick. True colour lipliner n.4 was used on me as well as my favorite 16 lip colour n.12 which is the one I use on everyday basis.

Finally, it took us 30 minutes to create this make-up look. It lasted since 8 am until 4 am the next day. I did not have to touch up my face at all. Bear in mind that I was welcoming guests, hugging people, drinking and eating and despite that everything stayed on place. I cannot even imagine other brand than Dermacol for a wedding day.


October 12, 2018