Most women would love to have perfect lips. They sometimes buy a huge amount of products to help them with that desire. Lipsticks, lip liners, lip glosses. But if you have the right lipstick, you don’t need any other product. So what is this miraculous product? It's the perfect Dermacol 16h lip colour.

So many beautiful and bright colours help you to get the perfect look that stays in place all day long. A groundbreaking texture, great pigmentation of the colour on lips, amazing coverage and ultra shine. The gentle care prevents lips from drying thanks to natural oils, beeswax and vitamin E. This product leaves your lips hydrated, shiny and fuller looking.

Review: According to me this is a perfect lipstick. I don’t need anything else to do my lips. The packaging has two ends - one is the colour and on the opposite side there is the gloss. The colours are bright and there is no need to use lip pencil to give a better shape to your lips. The lipstick does the job perfectly. This product stays on your lips for so long. If you don’t wipe or cleanse it, it will last to the next day. I was worried about having my lips too dry after wearing it all day long. At least that was my experience with other brands and their long lasting lipsticks. Nevertheless, this 16h lip colour doesn’t do that. The gloss creates a beneficial protective film over the lips which prevents them from drying.

Men often hate lipstick marks on their face or clothes, but with 16h lip colour they have nothing to worry about. It won’t leave any mark on your beloved’s faces or on a glass you’re drinking from.

Personally, I have about 8 shades and I can only recommend this product. At the moment I don’t own anything better than this lipstick.

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September 28, 2018