Dermacol 16h Lip Colour



2-in-1 Long-lasting Lip Colours

16H long-lasting two-phase lip paint and 2in1 gloss. The wonderful intense and opaque colors of this liquid long-lasting lipstick create the perfect look of your lips all day long! The breakthrough lip gloss texture with high pigmentation of the lip color is quick-drying and perfectly covers. The creamy texture of the long-lasting lipstick adheres perfectly to your lips and lasts up to 16 hours. Ultra shine & gentle care in the creamy phase thanks to the content of natural high-quality oils, beeswax and vitamin E prevents drying and moisturizes, softens, gives them a seductive shine and fullness. This cream lipstick will give your lips a perfect look and will take perfect care of your lips. The long-lasting color and liquid texture of the composition ensure endurance throughout the day.

Benefits: An extra long-lasting effect for 16 hours, Great coverage, Intense colors, Ultrafine care – with natural oils, Beeswax and vitamin E.

Use: Step 1 – Apply a thin layer of the color phase onto your lips and let dry for 1 minute. Step 2 – Apply ultra gloss and care over a well dry base. Reapply for softer, glossier lips any time during the day.

Volume: 3ml + 4,1ml

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