How to choose the perfect shade for yourself?

Many of you contact us to ask about how to choose the right Dermacol cover foundation shade for you. It’s completely understandable. Every brand has their own shades and their own designation. We tried to give you a basic manual in previous article called “Are you using the correct shade of make-up?”, but we understand it can still be quite confusing.

How to choose the best Dermacol shade?

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If you’re not sure what shade to buy, there are two options for you:

The first one being on this link:

This page can help you with your decision.

The second option would be - if you’re still not sure and you can’t decide between two shades, buy Dermacol mini cover. It is a 4g packaging and it’s made especially as a tester or travel mini.
mini cover

We hope this will be helpful. We are looking forward to your orders ♥♥♥

September 05, 2018