If you want to look natural, but at the same time to have unified skin, you should start using Sheer face fluids. Sheer face is made in three shades - Sun Bronze, Day Light, and Fresh Rose. All products are dermatologically tested and without parabens. Beauty fluids can be applied according to your mood and imagination: I recommend using it on moisturizer and under makeup, or you can use it even without makeup. You can mix it with makeup (the intensity of the effect depends on the concentration that you choose). You can apply it even on makeup. It can be used on the entire face or locally (around eyes, under eyes, eyebrows, nose, nose, cheekbones, chin, etc.), cleavage and other parts of the body that you want to decorate and brighten up.

Sheer face Dermacol

Review: Super thing for spring and summer, when I want to brighten my skin. I tried shade Sun bronze, which adds a nice look of tan skin, and shade Fresh Rose, which made my skin glowed and refreshed. Fluid is sparkly and has very liquid consistency and is in a beautiful glass flacons. It must be applied very quickly, because it dries soon after getting from the flacon. It can be mixed with any makeup. Sheer face unifies skin tone and also moisturizes. Your makeup will last with this fluid for much longer. I used it even without makeup, and the result was very nice. The only disadvantage that I think it has, is that it highlights wrinkles. But I have no personal experience with it, it is just my presumption.

July 06, 2018