Hi everyone,

Recently, I have started using cosmetic set CLAIRISINE from the Bohemian manufacturer La Chevre. There was a cleansing gel Acnegel, a cleansing gel with peeling and a mattifying cream.

I must say that I have a problematic skin … I had many pimples which I hid by using covering make-ups. From what I have tried, nothing really worked. I have tried all sorts of cosmetics (Vichy, La Roche, Bioderma, Avon, Oriflame and others). None of those saved me for longer time than a month.

From the time I started using La Chevre (November 15), I did not have almost any pimple and my skin was nicely cleaned and cleared. A defect occasionally appears on my skin even today, but overall I have better skin on 98%. So I am giving this cosmetics 10 out of 10.

La Chevre Clairisine set


December 08, 2016
Tags: La Chevre