Positive effects of beer cosmetics are known for ages.

Beer contains high amount of B vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin and folic acid. It contains also mineral complex, which has a positive effect on blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and risk of cardiac events. The skin is supple. Substances contained in beer cleanse and soothe. It makes hair healthy glow. Among the most popular products is beer shampoo, beer bath salt and beer bath foam.

Shampoo is from my perspective very good.

After first use my hair looked better, were beautifully regenerated and the next day looked like freshly washed. What is more, I did not expect that after one week my hair was perfectly soft.

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Conditioner is also very good.

I have problem with matted hair. After few applications of beer conditioner, my hair was smooth and easy to brush.

Soap with glycerine and brewer's yeast is nicely softening, exactly as they should be.

Unlike cheaper natural soaps it does not make skin to dry. About the beer foam and oil bath I can say only one thing – relaxing, pleasant scent and soft skin.

January 12, 2017