Valentine's Kiss with 16h lip color from Dermacol

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I'm here with a tip for the 16h lip color from Dermacol.

Why this lipstick and gloss in one? I like bold colours on my lips, preferably bordeaux colour. My partner also likes this colour on me, but the problem is that almost 99% of lipsticks stain. Men hate (at least those I know) when they have to face the imprint of lipstick or when they must wipe red colour from their own lips. Sometimes it happens to me. I dress up, paint my lips and before leaving I change my mind and go to change my clothes. Here I also have problem with the imprint of lipstick on T-shirts, shirts and dresses.

16H lip color from Dermacol is different – it won't kiss off.

This means that the lipstick lasts all day and it does not matter if you just eat, drink or kiss with your loved one. I have tried and tested it in more shades. Brighter colour lasts about 14 hours on my lips, darker shades are built to last the 16 hours. If you are going on a Valentine's Day meeting, I suggest you use 16h lip color and then you do not have to worry about your lipstick any more.


Dermacol lip color

January 25, 2017 by Petra Lukasikova
Tags: Dermacol Lips


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