Everyone has already heard about primer (base), but who actually uses it?

It is used to unify complexion, leveling inequalities, it smooths, rejuvenates and prolongs the effect of makeup. Dermacol has 3 types of bases, PEARL ENERGY makeup base, GOLD ANTI-WRINKLE makeup base, SATIN makeup base.

Pearl energy brightens and refreshes the complexion and a lot of people use it to avoid settling of makeup in pores. It is also used by women, who have already discovered first wrinkles. Pearl energy smooths them and they are not visible under make-up.

Gold anti-wrinkle is intended for people who wish to slow down the aging process and increase the elasticity and softness of their skin. It contains traces of active gold and seaweed, and has antioxidant effects. This primer is perfect, even if one has deeper wrinkles.

The last is the Satin makeup base for me is the most appreciated. Previously, I used the classic make-up, powder, and when there was a special occasion, then even blusher.

Dermacol makeup bases

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With Dermacol, long-lasting effect of some makeups is standard.

But, it is true that when I put makeup in the morning, in the afternoon it was wiped off in some places. When I started using primer, any makeup endured well till the evening hours and I did not have to care how many times I have touched my face. If you are using Dermacol makeup cover, I recommend to use this makeup with the primer. Cover is covering makeup. It makes maximum covering even layer on the skin, so the complexion is more strained. Thanks to primer you can be sure that the skin is protected. For me is very important to use primer and in my opinion anyone should automatically use it on daily basis.

February 14, 2017