Choosing the right shade of powder is a very difficult thing.

Sometimes after applying the powder, my head is separated from the neck and between cheeks and ears I can see the difference. Sometimes I go on daylight and my face is spotty and uneven. Why is this happening? The reason is simple, wrong shade of face powder. One can put primer and the right shade of makeup that looks natural, but just a tone darker or, conversely, lighter powder ...and the trouble is here. Therefore, I'm starting to really love makeups, where there are only two shades (light and natural) such as invisible fixing powder, which is the ideal choice for a natural effect.

Why to use Invisible Fixing Powder from Dermacol?

The advantage of this powder is that it does not give your makeup any shade as the other powders. Only dims the skin to reduce shine. The advantage is also that after applying, it has a velvet feel. Sometimes you have to touch your own skin because of the softness. This powder is long lasting, compared to other powders it lasts twice as long. The most ideal is to use this kind of powder in the warmer months, even without makeup. If you are accustomed to a more expressive makeup and you do not insist about natural look, I recommend WET AND DRY POWDER, COMPACT POWDER, ACNECOVER MATTIFYING POWDER, but about those I will tell you next time.


Dermacol Powder - Bohemian Beauty Care

March 02, 2017