Using the blusher, you give your face a relaxed, healthy and youthful appearance.

In the last article I told you about powders. If you already have a good primer, makeup and powder, the only step missing is a blusher. Blusher is used to highlight features in your face and to complete the potential shape in case that your face has the ideal shape. There are two extremes – women who are not using blusher at all, and those who apply it too much. Both variants are inconvenient.

Blusher is very important if you use the cover makeup, for example, Dermacol Makeup Cover. Although it perfectly covers all inequalities, on the other hand it unifies the complexion, which then often looks artificial. Especially when applying larger layers of makeup.


The use of blusher in the daily makeup should be subtle and not exaggerated.

In the evening we can add a little blusher, because artificial light is doing with makeup wonders. But always be careful what is the makeup as a whole. For the evening makeup look is better to choose fewer or a lighter shade of blusher, for more inconspicuous look we can play with more vibrant colors.

Blusher should begin at the junction of the bottom line of the nose and the outer corner of the eye, the shade should be around this point toward temple. For round and rectangular face, we can direct the blusher line more to temple, for an elongated face, just move around the area of nose – outer corner of the eye.


April 11, 2017