Dermacol came with a new makeup, and it has all the prerequisites to become a very popular product. This is the Nobless fusion makeup and, unlike the well-known makeups, this is very liquid and applied with dropper. When I brought the makeup home, I was interested in its covering attributes that proved as above-standard. Only a small drop of the makeup and I could perfectly unify forehead, nose and chin.

Dermacol Nobless Fusion Foundation

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Nobless has a light texture, so it won't make an ugly face and a visible pattern.

The makeup is easily applied so it does not make rough edge between the face and neck. Unlike the heavily covering Makeup Cover, this is velvet and soft to the touch. I think that this product will be the perfect choice, even in the summer months, when your complexion needs to rest, but at the same time you don't want to have a spotty face.

Even though this makeup is not among the cheaper options, you can be sure that, thanks to the consistency and the minimum amount of makeup, it will last much longer than the cheaper ones. For me this is the perfectly made-up makeup that will be among my regular beauty care.


May 18, 2017